Building management system

In today's building there is a need to integrate different building services systems into a unified operational view allowing all systems to be managed by one view. This integration enables facility managers to intelligently reduce cost, increase security, improve alarm response time and achieve better energy efficiency. Bemcco have the experience working with different protocols (BACnet, Modbus, JCI N1, SNMP, LonWorks and OPC). Getting these systems interfaced is what ION does to improve operations and energy efficiency thereby reducing overall carbon footprint through optimising energy consumption. Integrated solution is the key in ensuring building services operate in perfect harmony and creating "GREENER" buildings.

Where many providers can only offer specific aspects of service, BEMCCO is capable of providing an entire solution. Our broad range of expertise in automation, electrical, building management and security sectors ensures that we can always offer the right man, with the right service, creating the right solution for any company. BEMCCO is the one stop shop for a truly integrated solution.